Park rules

Bute Park is used by many different groups of people. Please be considerate and respectful of the park and other visitors.

The park provides a scenic route to and from Cardiff city centre for both visitors and commuters.

To help make the park a safe and enjoyable recreational space for all please follow our Code of Conduct.


If while using a Cardiff park you see anyone behaving suspiciously or if you feel threatened by other park users call 101 and get to a safe location.


BBQ’s (disposable or otherwise) are discouraged in all Cardiff parks. BBQ’s pose a health and safety risk to people, wildlife and dogs especially when left unattended while still hot.  Disposing of a BBQ in one of our bins while still hot can cause a fire.

When a lot of BBQ’s have been used, this leaves our site looking extremely patchy, spoiling the park for others.

Don’t damage our grass, benches or trees by putting disposable BBQs on them. The resulting scorch marks are an act of vandalism against the park we hope you and others love to spend time in.


Tents and overnight stays are not permitted at any time.

Cardiff Caravan and Camping Park is only half a mile / 10 minutes walk away.


Bute Park is a lovely 'green' route into the center of the city through one of the most attractive areas of Cardiff.

There is one designated shared cycle route, which crosses the park between Millennium Footbridge and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

Cycling is permitted on this and non-designated routes on the understanding cyclists will ride responsibly and adhere to our shared use path code of conduct in which

We ask you to

  • Keep left, and overtake on the right.
  • Stay on the tarmac paths.
  • Be considerate to other park users – please note, pedestrians have priority over all other users in Bute Park.
  • Be seen and heard - by using a bell and/or wearing high visibility clothing.
  • Be polite.
  • Be safe - due to shared use status our pathways are not suitable for fast travel. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to use another route.
  • Look out for vehicles.


Dogs are welcome in Bute Park although there are some places where they should be kept on a lead.

If you wish to exercise your dog in the park consider the following:

  • It is your responsibility to pick up after your dog
  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog under control
  • Always keep your dog in sight
  • Always keep the lead handy, you may need it
  • Respect the dogs-on-leads areas
  • Respect other users and the wildlife

You are not permitted to fly a drone in Bute Park.

Local Authority land should not be used for drone flying as this impacts on our responsibility to provide safety to the public.

For filming requests see drone licenses.


It is illegal to use an e-scooter in Bute Park.

E-scooters are classified as ‘powered transporters’ and are legally defined as motor vehicles. It is illegal to ride them in areas used by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. This includes parks. Cardiff Council are the land owner and do not grant permission for their use. If you see illegal use of e-scooters in Bute Park you can report this via our incident report form or to South Wales Police either by calling 101 or by e-mailing

Any individual undertaking commercial activity on Council land has to be given a permit to operate and an annual fee is payable. We will require certain documentation from you in order to grant the permit.

If this is something you wish to pursue please contact us giving details of your proposed activity to discuss.


Fires are prohibited in Bute Park.

If you see a fire in Bute Park please call 101 and report in real time, 999 in an emergency.

To fish on any river or waterway (River Taff or Dock Feeder Canal ) you need a rod licence

To fish on the River Taff alongside Bute Park you need to be a member of the Cardiff Angling Association.

We do not encourage individuals to forage in Bute Park.  Foraging is not encouraged but we work closely with a number of companies and organisations that run foraging courses in Bute Park to ensure that the flora, fauna, fruits and fungus are protected.


If you want to report an incident in Bute Park please complete the online form.

Please upload images of the problem/incident as this will help us take appropriate action.

Incident report forms must be completed by first-hand witnesses.


Please put all litter in a bin. You will be fined for dropping litter as this is against the law.

Lost property should be handed in to Bute Park Visitor Centre, please call 029 2089 3720.

Mobile phones, keys and wallets/purses will be kept for a few days before being handed over to the police.


As the land owners, the Bute Park Management Team do not give permission for people to magnet fish in Bute Park.

The latest legislation is given here:

Given the possible dangers involved, we do not agree to magnet fishing on our waterways. Some magnet fishers have retrieved dangerous objects including sharp pieces of metal, unexploded ordnance, etc. so this activity is not one we encourage here.

This is allowed but only if the person is a member of Cardiff Scan Club. Members are required to carry their membership card on them when metal detecting, so that they show it when requested by Park staff.

As a result of day-to-day operations, such as litter collections, land maintenance and grounds maintenance and deliveries you may see some vehicles in the park.

Also, remember that more traffic will be present for events and during improvement works, so take extra care.

Vehicles should give way to other path users whilst remaining on the paths.

Drivers who are permitted on to site also have to follow a code of conduct.


Driving off-road bikes or quad bikes is prohibited on Council land. These bikes can only be used on private land with the permission of the landowner or at a registered track.

Such use of motorised vehicles on Council land is a police matter. The Road Traffic Act allows police to seize uninsured vehicles and those being driven without a licence. Furthermore, section 59 of the Road Traffic Act allows the police to give drivers a warning if they are reported to have used their vehicle in a manner which causes "alarm, distress or annoyance”.

If you see such vehicles being used in Bute Park please record the time, date, exact location and identifying information and e-mail the report to attaching any photos. You may also wish to copy in for the information of the Park Management.


You are welcome to picnic in Bute Park but to help ensure all visitors enjoy their experience please put your litter in a bin or take it home. Remember you can be fined for dropping litter as this is against the law.


Slacklines and Hammocks are prohibited in the park, for health and safety reasons and because they may cause damage to the trees in the arboretum.

Please contact us to enquire about our sport pitches.

Tombstoning and swimming are prohibited at Blackweir Bridge.

Hidden objects are extremely dangerous and cold water shock can KILL. It only takes half a pint of water to enter your lungs to start drowning.

Stay safe, stay out.


If you see any vandalism taking place, please call 029 2089 3720 if it is within normal working hours and 101 for all other times.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy your visit.