Friends of Bute Park

Who are the New Friends of Bute Park?

The New Friends of Bute Park are made up of local residents who are passionate about Bute Park. We are a voluntary organisation and act as representatives of the park’s diverse users as well as offering practical support for the park and the Park Management Team.

What are the New Friends Objectives?

The New Friends of Bute Park operate under a constitution in line with other similar “Friends” park groups in Cardiff.

Our stated purpose is to:

  • Celebrate the environment, wildlife and history of Bute Park.
  • Protect, conserve and enhance Bute Park as a place of freedom, recreation and safe enjoyment for the long-term benefit of all sections of the community.
  • Promote Bute Park to the local and wider community.
  • Increase, protect and publicise the biodiversity of Bute Park.
  • Work in partnership to these ends with Cardiff County Council, statutory bodies and voluntary groups.
  • Inform and seek views of the local people and representative groups so that the park may best serve the local community.
  • Ensure the actions of the New Friends work with reference to Cardiff Council’s Maintenance and Management plan for the park.

How Do We Carry Out Our Objectives?

The group has an elected 10-person committee which meets monthly to progress a range of initiatives and to administer the group as a whole. There is regular communication with the membership based on the belief that everyone in the group is able to influence policy and activity. The committee manages a variety of communication channels and social media to promote their activities and keep in touch with the wider public.


Membership is aimed at anyone and everyone who believes that Bute Park should be cared for and supported as a safe place of enjoyment and activity for the people of Cardiff.

Who Is Membership Aimed At? We encourage new members from a wide range of users – cyclists, walkers, dog walkers, families, students, sports enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, café users, park volunteers – and all are welcome. Whether you wish to simply demonstrate your support for what we are doing or, better still, to become involved with active volunteering, you are welcome.

What Does Membership Involve? Joining the New Friends of Bute Park provides a number of benefits:

  • Members receive (and contribute to) a regular News & Information update on the activities and administration of the New Friends group.
  • Members also receive a quarterly full-colour Newsletter.
  • Critically, members, through the representative status of the group, can influence the way the park is managed.
  • Members can introduce new events and activities to the park and help raise funds for park improvements.
  • Members can join the members-only Facebook group for current information and discussion on park-related issues.
  • Members can meet like-minded people in their local area through the group and through social events.
  • Members have the opportunity to input views and ideas to the park’s management and future through a variety of questionnaires and discussions.
  • Members have direct opportunities to volunteer to help with a range of social, conservation and gardening activities together with educational walks and talks. Opportunities include a range of activities related to biodiversity in the park and helping to run the park’s Visitor Centre.

 What Does It Cost? Membership is £10 per year paid as a bank transfer and this money goes to running the organisation which is operated on a solely voluntary basis.

Membership is currently aimed at individuals and families, but we are working to provide an opportunity for various community groups and businesses to join us as well to increase our range of activities and enhance their access to the park.

 How Do You Join? If you are interested in joining us then all you need do is to get in touch with us by email, say “I am interested in joining” and we will get straight back to you.

Just email us at

What About Website and Social Media Channels?

Website: Currently the group has this page on the main Bute Park website and at the same time we developing our own independent website.

Instagram: We have an Instagram account @newfriendsofbutepark which has a really good collection of pictures showing just what the park can offer.

Email: General enquiries are always welcomed on

Facebook: Our Facebook group is currently a private one for the benefit of our members.

What Are the New Friends Doing?

Our focus at present is putting together an operation which will enable us to help run the Visitor Centre in the Secret Garden. This will be on a trial basis at weekends to test it out with the hope that it will become a more permanent level of support. This will enable the Visitor Centre to offer a wider service to park users and enable the New Friends to introduce a range of meetings, talks, lectures and volunteering opportunities. If you think you might like to help with this, then contact us at

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