Site Supervisor

First published 14th Apr, 2020

A Site Supervisor may be appointed by the Parks Event Manager to supervise your event activity on site and to protect the interests of the Parks Department and the Council.  The requirement of a Council-employed Site Supervisor will be determined by the Parks Event Manager when assessing your application, but all events with any significant infrastructure, activities or vehicle movements will typically require one.

So we can book the staff resources necessary for your event it is essential that you provide us with reasonably accurate drafts of your Site Plan and Production and Vehicle Schedule as soon as possible. We will need them to assess the times and days a Site Supervisor will be needed throughout your hire period.

The Site Supervisor will provide you with on-the-ground logistical support e.g. unlocking access to the venue, providing access to power, water, signage, heras banners, track mats etc. They will provide an on-site link to the Parks Event Manager to resolve issues.

The Site Supervisor will also be responsible for doing the pre- and post-event site inspection and provide evidence to the Parks Event Manager so they can assess if there are any deductions from your bond required.

Site Supervisor Role and our expectations:


Note that services are chargeable (unless otherwise agreed).  You will be invoiced you for the cost of the Site Supervisor (minimum 4 hr call out) after your event based on submitted time sheets.

Day 6am – 8pm £16.36
Evening 8pm – 6am £21.17
Weekend Midnight Fri – Midnight Sun £23.60
Bank Holiday Midnight Sun – Midnight Mon £30.90

If your event over runs from the schedule provided, or equipment is left on site for collection the following day (toilets, barriers/fencing etc.), or it gets too late to do a satisfactory final site inspection/handover, you will be billed for the additional hours necessary (min 4 hrs) for the Site Supervisor to return the following day.

We recommend that you ensure there is a suitable representative from your event team to complete the final sign off of the handback form with the Site Supervisor once all activities and collections are completed, as the information provided on this form will be used to determine what deductions, if any, are necessary from your bond.

Small events

Smaller events, please make arrangements regarding access to your event site in advance of your event. 

You will be visited by Bute Park staff or the Bute Park Ranger who will ensure our terms and conditions of hire are upheld, and provide you with advice and support on site.

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