Production and Vehicle Schedule

First published 22nd Apr, 2020

All events should provide a Production and Vehicle Schedule with an appropriate level of detail for the duration of your hire. Depending on the scale or your set up your event will require a certain level of traffic management.

Your Event & Vehicle Schedule should cover ALL the key activities on site from the time you take possession to the time you/your last infrastructure leaves.  Importantly, it must specify what vehicles (type and size) are entering the park and when. 

This Schedule allows us to accurately understand your event and, if necessary, book appropriate Site Supervisor support.

A draft should be included with your Part 1 Application.

Please note that due to the regular Park Run event (avg. 600 runners per week) there can be strictly no vehicle movements within Bute Park between the vehicle access bridge and the top of Coopers Field between 09:00 and 09:45am on Saturdays.

Note, there can be no changes to your event/vehicle schedule without prior approval and relevant paperwork being in place.


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