First published 7th Sep, 2022
  • Some of our event spaces have on-site power supplies (see site-specific guidance) , the Event Organiser may request the use of onsite power via the application form.
  • Events using power supplies fall within the requirements of BS7909 Temporary Electrical Systems for Events.
  • The Event Organizer is required to nominate someone to the role of Senior Person Responsible (SPR) for the electrical installation
  • The nominated person will be responsible for reviewing installations, compliance with standards and collating all required certificates.
  • The nominated person should be clearly informed of their nomination, be fully aware of their responsibility and be competent to carry out those duties.
  • You will need to provide the name and mobile contact details of your nominated person and confirm they understand their responsibilities in Part 2 of your application form.
  • Electrical installations should be inspected, tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of BS7671 and BS7909 and the relevant certificates issued. The Authority would look for the inspection, testing and certification to be undertaken by an electrical contractor who is currently registered with the NICEIC (Approved Contractor) or the ECA (Registered Member Scheme for Electrical Installation Work). The name and enrolment number of the Contractor shall be forwarded to the Authority prior to site work commencing. The electrical certificates shall be made available for review during any ELP arranged site visit and in any event prior to the event opening.
  • Events may require an emergency lighting installation, this shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of BS5266.
  • All catering units, bar units, production units / cabins, WC units with fixed electrical installations should have a current electrical test certificate; units without such certification should not be connected to the electrical system or should be removed from use prior to the event starting. Alternatively the Event Organizer may arrange for a suitable BS7671 periodic condition report to be carried out and the installation shall be acceptable only if classified as satisfactory.
  • All generators shall be diesel fuelled and properly maintained.
  • Cardiff Council do not permit the use of petrol generators at Events.
  • The Council reserves the right to shut down any generator in the interests of public safety or if the generator is causing unacceptable levels of noise or air pollution.
  • The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring that generators and tower lights are protected by heras type fencing or crowd barriers and warning notices are displayed for safety reasons.
  • Structures, stages screens, etc. shall be earth bonded as required.
  • All electrical equipment utilized at the event shall be subject to an inspection and testing regime (formerly referred to as PAT testing) and shall be physically inspected for defects prior to use, this includes all equipment brought to site by any external parties. Guidance for this can be found in the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment as issued by the IET. It is recommended that resource is provided to review equipment brought onto site as early as possible and prior to commencing use. All equipment should be visually reviewed by users prior to use and where damaged removed from service.
  • All cables shall be routed to avoid being a trip hazard, and protected from impact damage by either mechanical protection or placement.
  • Tree branches shall not be used to elevate or support cables.
  • No electrical cables shall be dug into the ground unless with prior permission of the event manager or site supervisor and where permission is granted, the route of these cables should be marked with an easily identifiable coloured marker spray on the surface.
  • Cabling that is surface laid shall be covered in such a way as not to constitute a tripping hazard.
  • All electrical cabling shall be removed on completion of the event.
  • All equipment shall be fit for purpose, and have a suitable IP rating for their intended use.
  • All final circuits should be protected by 30mA rcd’s.
  • All electrical installations that are constructed on site requiring termination of cables into a distribution board or other accessory including connection of luminaires, etc. fall within the requirements of BS7671 and shall be inspected, tested and certified in accordance with this standard and not BS7909. This also applies to plug and play type equipment that is dismantled and reassembled on site during installation.
  • Any fairground rides shall have a current ADIPS Certificate.
  • If the event uses any fixed power supplies the Event Organizer shall ensure the installation has a current valid test certificate and that any C1, C2 and FI items identified have been corrected.

Sophia Gardens

The current electrical test certificate for Sophia Gardens is available here.
The Event Organiser commits to repaying the cost of his electricity use, beyond that covered by the Council’s “fair use” policy unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The first £50 of electricity usage is inclusive within your hire fee, usage above this will be charged at the appropriate rate and will attract an additional administration fee of £25.
Meter readings will be taken before and after the event by our Site Supervisor. This will be invoiced after your event as described above.

Orchard Lawn

See site specific information

Smaller events

Smaller events should advise the number of on-site generators and their nominated supply capacity.
A schedule of electrical equipment (including their individual power ratings should be made available for inspection at the ELP site visit.
A nominated person with suitable knowledge, experience and qualifications must oversee any electrical installations. The nominated person should be clearly informed and be fully aware of their responsibility.

The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring that any generators are protected by heras type fencing or crowd barriers and warning notices are displayed for safety reasons.

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