First published 2nd Apr, 2020

The Event Organiser must obtain permission from the Park Event Manager as part of the booking process to use inflatables. 

  • Weight bearing
  • Non weight bearing
  • Gantry

For Inflatable structures it is recommended that the contractor should be a member of a relevant trade association (e.g. AIMODS, NAIH or BIHA) and have had their equipment inspected under the PIPA or ADIPS inspection scheme.  Any inflatables must carry a current valid PIPA certificate (or HSE approved equivalent) which is in date at the time of the event along with adequate Public Liability Insurance.

Read the Guidance and complete the required checklists for inflatables.

Inflatable structures must be adequately secured or ballasted and supervised when in use.

The Power supply to funfair rides should remain the responsibility of the funfair operator unless the Event Organiser is employing a competent electrician (See Power).  Power should not be taken from any inflatable to supply other stands/stalls/stages etc. on site.

Location and layout

Guidance on ground protection and distance from trees to be agreed – please mark on your site plan.

Ground protection / staking

Note, there can be no changes to your inflatables without prior approval and relevant paperwork being in place. The responsibility for safety and ensuring regulatory requirements are satisfied ultimately remains with the Event Organiser.

See Fairground Rides
See Insurance 
See Power
See Risk Assessment

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