Fairground Rides and Amusements

First published 7th Feb, 2020

The Event Organiser must obtain permission from the Park Event Manager as part of the booking process to use fairground rides or amusements in any park or open space. 

Any fairground ride must carry a current valid ADIPS certificate (or HSE approved equivalent) which is in date at the time of the event along with adequate Public Liability Insurance.

HSE Guidance

Location and layout

Guidance on ground protection and distance from trees to be agreed – please mark on your Site Plan.

  • Entrances and exits to rides shall be kept clear at all times.
  • There shall be a minimum of 6 metres between any moving part of a ride and any moving part of an adjacent ride.
  • There shall be a minimum of 3 metres between any unprotected moving part of a ride and any static part of an adjacent ride.
  • Rides with moving parts shall be securely fenced so that no part of the ride can be touched from outside when the ride is moving.
  • The boundaries of rides where passenger carrying units move in an eccentric path shall be securely fenced beyond the extreme points made by the path.
  • Rides shall be sited so that there is no dangerous uplift caused by wind forces or the rides themselves.

Inspection Certificates

The inspection certificate for all funfair rides shall confirm that the following points have been included in the inspection:

  • Visual checks for obvious areas of structural weakness.
  • Check correctness of assembly, chocking, packing, barriers, guides, walkways, restraining devices, locking devices and pins.
  • Check of safety devices, emergency stops, safety trips etc.
  • Check passenger restraints for wear, adjustment and operation.
  • Check for defects likely to cause cuts and or torn clothing.
  • Inspection of electrical systems to determine earth points, provision of RCD’s etc.
  • Operation of each ride through one cycle.
  • Bouncy Castles should carry an ADIPS or PIPA certificate.
  • Unless the Event Organiser is employing a competent electrician, (NICEIC registered or ECA member), then the power supply to funfair rides should remain the responsibility of the funfair operator.
  • Power should not be taken from a funfair ride to supply other stands/stalls/stages etc. on site.

Please provide detail on fairground rides in your documentation e.g. type/name, size and number of rides, also how they will be powered and the supplier providing them.

Note, there can be no changes to your use of fairground or amusement rides without prior approval and relevant paperwork being in place. The responsibility for safety and ensuring regulatory requirements are satisfied ultimately remains with the Event Organiser.

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