Risk Assessment

First published 1st May, 2020

The Event Organiser is solely responsible for ensuring the content of the site-specific and event-specific risk assessment is suitable and sufficient and for ensuring the mitigations contained within it are followed.

A Risk Assessment Template is available and a Risk Assessment should include activity during set up and dismount as well as those activities on the event day itself. 

Site-specific information is available in the section “What has the Venue Manager made you aware of that may have a bearing on your CDM planning?” section of the Construction Phase Plan for your event site. 

You are responsible for ensuring your sub-contractors also have suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

The Risk Assessment must meet the criteria in the checklist below.

  • Appropriate and specific to the circumstances
  • Identifies all relevant risks
  • Adequate in its consideration of the risks – greater attention to higher risks
  • Sufficiently detailed
  • Considers all groups of persons exposed to the risk (lone and shift workers etc.)
  • Be based on specialist advice, if required
  • Be evidence based
  • Be adequately communicated throughout your team
  • Be acted upon and followed at all times

Please note that risk management remains at all times the responsibility of the Event Organiser, Cardiff Council may provide advice and support but accept no responsibility or liability for risks and outcomes as a result of your event.

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