First published 7th Sep, 2022

Many events will require an emergency lighting installation, such installations shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of BS5266 and The Purple Guide. The system should cover all required areas of the site including all exit / escape routes and holding areas enabling people to exit the site to an agreed location or to the Public Highway as appropriate.

All exit/escape routes should have two alternative sources of power such that in the event of a partial system failure the illumination level along the route remains at the required level. If tower lighting is used, this shall be set up and correctly aimed prior to event opening. Light levels along the aforementioned routes shall be evidenced by direct measurement and plotted onto a site plan showing satisfactory coverage.

A plan has been provided for information purposes with suggested tower lighting column locations. This is for guidance only and does NOT remove the responsibility of achieving compliance with the above requirements from the event organizer.

Lighting Tests

Physical lighting tests are the responsibility of event organisers and results should be submitted to Other Council Officers can be copied in as required.

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