Event Mode Signage

First published 13th Oct, 2021

Bute Park holds a stock of bilingual safety signage that can be deployed across the site when the park is in ‘event mode’.  This is for the information of both park users and event staff and drivers. 

The signs are bilingual and we will provide a map showing you where the signs should be sited.  Please discuss the positioning of signs with Parks Event Manager and/or Site Supervisor.

Please allocate a member of your team to collect these from the Bute Park Education Centre.  The signs should be collected up and returned at the end of your event. 

Sign Sign Colour Number Available
5mp sign White3
Stop and wait Red 2
Caution Pedestrians Red 5
Event Site (left arrow) Red 2
Event Site (right arrow) Red 1
Caution event vehicles Green 2
Path ahead closed Green 4
Diversion (left arrow) Green 1
Diversion (right arrow) Green 2
Diversion (double arrow) Green 4

See Traffic Management

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