First published 16th Apr, 2020

A bond will be determined based on detail provided in your event application. See site-specific guidance on charges.

A refundable bond (VAT exempt) will be required to insure the Council against any unplanned costs incurred as a result of your event. This would include damage to the site, additional staff costs due to failure of the event organiser and fines in accordance with the guidance provided.

In most cases, the Council will take a risk on reasonable wear and tear of the site i.e. that which can be remediated as part of our planned cyclical grounds maintenance.  You are responsible for planning and managing your event in such a way that minimises damage to the site, and agreeing a ground protection plan with the Park Event Manager.

Wet weather contingencies are the responsibility of the event organiser and the Park Event Manager withholds the right to close all or part of the site if effective wet weather contingencies are not in place when required. The Park Manager will make a decision based on risks to public safety and financial risks to the Council resulting from likely damage to the venue.

Your invoice for bond payment must be cleared in our account prior to your event date. If you fail to pay your bond Cardiff Council reserves the right to deny your access onto site.

If your event incurs costs to Cardiff Council these will be deducted from your bond and the balance will be refunded. For any amounts over and above the amount held in your bond we will send an additional invoice to cover the difference.

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