First published 16th Apr, 2020

The Event Organiser must ensure that the site is left clear of all litter and refuse on completion of the event and shall be responsible for the collection of any litter from both the venue and adjacent land, which is directly attributable to the event, e.g. flyers, plastic bottles, firework casings etc.

Certain litter causes operational problems for the Parks Service for example plastic bottle tops that can be trodden into the ground or metal work left over from fence construction or after a bonfire that can damage blades on lawn mowers.

To prevent such damage any drinks sold in plastic bottles should be given out without their lids on.

Glass bottles and glasses are not permitted because of the dangerous litter they can create.

You will need to evidence a robust plan for litter collection as part of your detailed application form. If the Council incurs any costs collecting litter generated by your event these costs will be deducted from your bond.

You may consider recruiting volunteers or approaching local organisations to help you with your litter collection. In the past local scout groups and the charity Keep Wales Tidy have assisted Event Organisers with litter collection. If you would like to consider this for your event please contact the organisations directly.

A suitable and sufficient risk assessment should be prepared for this activity and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided.

See Waste Management

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