First published 7th Jul, 2021

Bute Park and Sophia Gardens receive numerous requests throughout the year from events, often on other sites, to use land as a launch site for fireworks to complement their events.

An application and related documents is required for this activity through the normal procedure.

Hire fees apply, please note all prices are indicative and final fees will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the Bute Park Manager.  Costs of a Site Supervisor, if required, will be in addition to the costs outlined below.

EVENT SIZE AND TYPEFireworks less than 10 minFireworks greater than 10 min
Community / Not For Profit (No Entrance Fee)  Negotiable with Parks Events ManagerNegotiable with Parks Events Manager
Not For Profit with Entrance Fee/ doing charity Fundraising  Negotiable with Parks Events ManagerNegotiable with Parks Events Manager
Commercial  £1,250£1,750
Hospitality / private parties  £1,250£1,750
Bond – always charged unless very low risk£500£500


Permission may be granted through negotiation. Activity must be covered in the event RA

See Fire Risk Assessment 
See Litter
See Risk Assessment
See Special Production Effects and Hazardous Activity

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