The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring all catering arrangements comply with: The Council requires food business attending events on... View Catering


This applies to all events and includes those where tickets sold include provision of alcohol, provision of alcohol in exchange... View Alcohol

Park Locking

Late night events can cause disruption to park locking times – please discuss with the Bute Park Event Officer. You... View Park Locking


Data Connection can be arranged for events based on Coopers Field; a connection is made available from Cardiff Castle. At... View Wifi


No fires shall be lit in the park without prior approval by the Parks Event Manager. If permitted, the Event... View Fire


Weather is a factor relevant for events operating in parks and opens spaces. Weather monitoring is key to any outdoor... View Weather


Many events will require an emergency lighting installation, such installations shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of BS5266... View Lighting