First published 14th Apr, 2020

This applies to all events and includes those where tickets sold include provision of alcohol, provision of alcohol in exchange for money or where alcohol is provided free of charge.

Please refer to the details of the site’s standard Premises licence given in Licensable Activity if you plan to provide alcohol served from a bar or from an exhibitor in off-sales containers such as bottles etc. 

An Operating Schedule must be submitted to South Wales Police no less than 56 days prior to event

Any specific conditions applicable to your event will be confirmed separately to you by South Wales Police.

You as the Event Organiser are responsible for confirming the licence conditions that will apply to your specific event and ensuring all licence conditions are strictly adhered to.

You may be visited by a member of the Council to ensure the terms and conditions of your licence are upheld. The charge for the licensing visits is based on a 4hr minimum call out and the weekend rate is £24/hr +VAT.

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