Licensable Activity

First published 14th Apr, 2020

The details of the site’s standard Premises licence are contained in

You may need to seek additional permission regarding the following:

Regulated Entertainment:

Entertainment provided for the public with a view to making a profit e.g. music, film, dance, plays, indoor sport. 

If your event will contain regulated entertainment

  • You will need to contact PRS on 0800 068 4828 or to arrange your licence.
  • Bute Park will notify PRS under through their Third Party Event Notice with the information provided in your application.

Sale or supply of alcohol:

See Alcohol

Late night refreshment:

Please advise us if you plan to serve late night refreshment or hot food or drink served between hours of (11.00pm – 5.00am).

Charitable collections:

See Charitable Collection

See Cardiff Council Licences and Permits

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