First published 17th Oct, 2022

Weather is a factor relevant for events operating in parks and opens spaces.

Weather monitoring is key to any outdoor event as weather conditions can not only make or break an event, but can also be potentially hazardous and cause attendees to be put at risk. Weather can impact on attendance figures, the stability of your structures, the ground conditions, as well as the health and safety of your staff and guests.

Event Organisers should make it their responsibility to frequently check weather forecasts for the location of their event in the lead up to event (event build and event day(s)) and make the necessary preparations to address both inclement weather and extreme conditions. 

Extreme weather factors your plans should account for:

  • Max temperature
  • Min temperature
  • Wind Speed (ambient wind and the maximum forecast gust speeds)
  • Rainfall

Weather monitoring is the best defence against adverse weather conditions as it allows you to act before the conditions take hold and so avoid dangerous situations. Met Office and BBC weather sites can be used to monitor long and short-term weather forecasts.

We would expect to see weather contingency plans covered in your risk assessment and operational plans. Please specifically tell us:

  • The name(s) of the people within your event team responsible for making weather-related decisions Each day you are on site at our venue should be covered.
  • When do they make the decisions and on what data? E.g. do you have a “go/no go” decision point on each event day? What factors determine the outcome of the decision?
  • What actions exist within your Event Safety Management Plan for different extreme weather scenarios?

Wet weather contingencies are the responsibility of the event organiser and the Park Event Manager withholds the right to close all or part of the site if effective wet weather contingencies are not in place when required. The Park Manager will make a decision based on risks to public safety and financial risks to the Council resulting from likely damage to the venue.

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