First published 16th Apr, 2020

Event Organisers must ensure they provide sufficient toilets for the number of people attending the event, including provision for disabled and baby changing. 

You must also ensure adequate provision is made for all event staff throughout your build as well as overnight for your security team.

Exact locations and servicing arrangements should be agreed through consultation with the Bute Park Event Manager.

Your proposed location(s) and specify type(s) of toilets should be marked on your site plan.

Toilets must NOT be placed under or near the canopy of trees.

Toilets must be locked when not in use.

Toilets must be secured with fencing if left on site overnight (and not within a secure event compound).

Toilet suppliers must provide public liability insurance, risk assessment etc to the event organiser.

Times of drop off and collection must be included in your Production and Vehicle Schedule.

Some sites have limited access to public toilets refer to each event site for information.

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See Waste Water

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