Education session booking form

Before making your booking please take note of all the following information. These guidelines outline the responsibilities of everyone involved in an education visit with the aim to be both informative and helpful:


Bute Park and the Education Centre are accessible to all.  Any special requirements or considerations should be flagged to the Education Officer either before or at the time of booking so we can discuss any necessary adjustments if needed.

Cancellation Policy

There is a three weeks cancellation policy regarding confirmed bookings. A fifty per cent cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel less than three weeks in advance of your visit date. You will be charged for the number of pupils for which you booked. 

If the cancellation is due to inclement weather, please contact the Education Officer to discuss rescheduling the visit.


We will be outside for the majority of the day, come rain or shine! Therefore, please ensure all visitors wear appropriate clothing for the weather.  Everyone is advised to wear trousers.  Even in hot weather, shorts and sandals are not recommended due to the environment. Sun cream and a hat are encouraged if it is sunny.

All visitors need to bring a pair of wellies or an additional pair of shoes for wearing outdoors.


All equipment is provided for the session. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and an enquiring mind, although you may wish to bring a tablet or camera to document the visit for yourself.

First Aid

The Education Officer and other park staff are trained first aiders. Any serious incident must be reported to a member of staff and will need to be recorded in the Bute Park accident book.

Getting to Bute Park

Details regarding how to get to Bute Park can be found on the directions page

Health and Safety

All adults are expected to remain with their group throughout the day and are responsible for the young people’s needs, behaviour and safety at all times.

Visitors must not pick any plant material without checking with the Education Officer.

Accompanying adults must ensure children are made aware of the need to take special care with regard to their own safety.  Potential hazards exist such as garden machinery, river and ornamental water features, climbing trees, and eating fruits or drinking water other than sources labelled as safe.  Please encourage your group to remain safe and aware at all times.

Bute Park is managed by Cardiff Council and holds standard local authority insurance for anyone that engages in an activity in or on the premises.

Learning Resources

Learning resources and materials are provided for the session. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and an enquiring mind, although you may wish to bring a tablet or camera to document the visit for yourself.


Please bring packed lunches, if applicable, with you for your visit.  On dry days we encourage picnics outside in the park. Tarpaulin can be provided to sit on if needed.  In adverse weather conditions we can provide under cover space. It is essential that everyone wash their hands before eating.  There are places including the Education Centre where water bottles can be refilled free of charge.


We may take photographs during your visit to use on the Bute Park website and other Council publications. Please ensure the Education Officer is made aware of the children who do not have photographic permission.


Group leaders may arrange a preliminary visit to Bute Park Education Centre and meet with the Education Officer to discuss requirements and take a walk around the park. This can help in identifying your considerations such as risk assessments, the individual needs of your group, and travel time etc.


Education sessions are available for either a half day (£100 for up to 30 pupils) or a full day (£150 for up to 30 pupils).

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment forms will be sent out when a booking is confirmed.  It is intended as a guide on which to base your individual group risk assessment.  Accompanying adults need to be briefed by your group leader, read these guidelines and be made aware of any possible risks that may arise during a visit.  All young people visiting Bute Park are the responsibility of the accompanying adults.

Your group leader must carry out the necessary risk assessments for the visit including the journey to and from Bute Park.  Parent/carer consent and permissions should be obtained by your group organiser before the visit.  Please bring a list of your group’s names for use during the day.


We encourage a no waste/reduced waste policy when it comes to rubbish.  Please help us to look after our environment by supporting this where possible.  For example, encouraging your group to bring reusable lunch boxes and drinks containers, swapping pre-packaged snacks for fresh fruit and vegetables etc. There are bins dotted around the park if needed.


Public toilets are available at Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Secret Garden Café and the Education Centre.

It would be helpful if children were brought in small groups to use the toilets.  The Education Centre is often used for conferences by external hirers, please be mindful of this when bringing groups of children to use the facilities.


If heavy or torrential rain or other adverse weather conditions are forecast then it may be necessary to rearrange the visit. The Education Officer will contact you at least 2 days in advance if this is the case.


Please encourage children to enjoy the wildflowers, but not to pick them. Please discourage trying to feed or touch the squirrels, they are very friendly but remember they are wild animals and may bite if frightened.

After the visit

We would be grateful if you would complete and return our evaluation form.  This will be emailed to you after the visit.  This will help us gauge the success of your visit and enable us to improve our education services in future.

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