Event Traffic – Code of Conduct

First published 7th Feb, 2020

A system of site rules has been established to assist with preparing a Traffic Management Plan.

  • 5mph Speed Limit
  • Hazard warning lights on
  • Give way to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Keep to designated roadways – do not travel onto grassed areas/verges
  • Do not cut corners
  • When reversing ensure it is safe to do so and request use of a banks-man
  • No vehicle movement on site when open unless under the direction of the supervisor
  • Only operational vehicles are permitted to enter the park. All personal vehicles should be parked outside
  • No public parking on site

It is important that Traffic Marshals understand their roles and receive a briefing on use of the bollard entry system (Bute Park sites).

The Traffic Marshal’s role is to maintain a safe and effective system of Traffic Management with responsibility for all vehicles whether the driver is a member of the event staff or a contractor.


  • Event Organisers are responsible for their event health and safety and the safety of other park users
  • Traffic Marshals must wear hi-viz clothing and position your-self in a position visible to drivers
  • Radio communication links to be established between all staff working on the traffic management team
  • Staff must remain at the roadside until vehicles have come to a standstill
  • Authorised traffic to enter and exit through designated/ approved routes only
  • Detailed schedules to be collected from the Site Manager detailing the expected vehicles entering or leaving the site

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