Bat Meadow

The wildflower meadow was created in 2017 to provide a diverse and attractive habitat for insects, pollinators and a food source to encourage an increase in bat population. It also supports small mammals and amphibians with hiding places, food and nesting material.

Funded from the Tesco ‘bags of help’ scheme and boasting a wide variety of native British wildflowers and grasses such as foxgloves, yarrow, Welsh poppy and hemp-agrimony, the wildflower meadow is a fantastic resource and provides an abundance of pollen, nectar and larval food for a variety of insects.

There are 18 species of bat in the UK. At least 9 are found in Bute Park and along the River Taff.  

These are:

  • Common pipistrelle
  • Soprano pipistrelle
  • Nathusius’ pipistrelle
  • Whiskered bats
  • Brandt’s bats
  • Daubenton’s bats
  • Serotine
  • Noctules
  • Brown long-eared bats

Bats are nocturnal so best observed at dusk. Look out for special bat events and walks held in Bute Park throughout the year