Access Postcodes

First published 4th Feb, 2020
Drivers must:
– Obey the 5mph speed limits
– Hazard warning lights to be switched on
– Keep to designated roadways
– Do not travel onto grass areas/verges
– Do not cut corners
Bollard Entry:
– Drivers must NOT follow the vehicle in front
– The bollard will quickly come up after One vehicle has cleared the system
– No tail gating is permitted

– Wait for the green light
– Left turn only to exit the park

Registered address: Bute Park, Visitor Centre, 35 North Rd, Cardiff, CF10 3DX (Tel: 02920 872730)

Vehicle Access Bridge, Bute Park – CF10 3DU (Access off North Road (A470) / Corbett Road)

  • Coopers Field, Bute Park
  • Cardiff Castle Access via Coopers Field, Bute Park
  • Orchard Lawn, Bute Park
  • Blackweir Sports Pitches, Bute Park
  • Sophia Gardens – CF11 9HW. Access via Sophia Close, off Cathedral Road (A4119)
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