Winter Trail – 6


There are many birds living in Bute Park. What colour are magpies?

You are correct.
Well done!

Hmmm... that's not right.


Set up a bird feeder in your garden.  Ensure predators like cats cannot access them.  Put out a variety of foods, e.g. seeds, nuts, fat balls.  Water is important so also put out a dish of water or a birdbath.  Birds need to bathe regularly to keep their feathers in top condition.

Magpie Facts

Magpies have long tails, which give the illusion that they are bigger than they are. They walk or hop along the ground.

Magpies eat all different kinds of food. They will eat meat such as baby birds, eggs and carrion (dead animals). They will also eat seeds and other parts of plants. Magpies are clever and inquisitive birds.

Trail Location

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