Spring Trail 7


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Lichens are made up of two tiny living things, what are they?

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You are correct.
Well done!

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Hmmm... that's not right.

Did you know?

The fungus and the alga benefit from living together.

The alga produces food, and the fungus gathers water.

In this way a lichen can survive harsh weather that would kill a fungus or an alga growing alone.

This type of relationship is called symbiosis.

There are about 15,000 different species, or types. Lichens can live where few plants can survive.

They are found in deserts, near mountain peaks, and in the frozen Arctic.

They grow on stones, tree trunks, dead wood, and on the ground.


Find 3 sticks on the floor. One that is bendy, one that snaps and one with lichen on it.

Trail Location

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