Bute Park’s arboretum is of national significance and, as a public park, is unrivalled in the UK for the number of rare and significant trees it contains. There are over 3,000 individually catalogued specimens, including an interesting mix of rare and ornamental trees.

Most of the arboretum collections were planted after 1947, but complimented some excellent specimens that formed part of the 19th century designed landscape when the land formed part of the Bute family’s private estate.

For more information, please see the Bute Park Arboretum Alphabetical list of trees June 2014 or visit Cardiff Council’s illustrated plant guide.

Bute Park is very proud to have the highest number of ‘champion trees’ in any UK public park! Champion trees are acknowledged as the tallest or broadest of their type in the British Isles, and when last reported at the end of 2013, Bute Park had 41 champion trees and 23 candidate champion trees (defined as former or competing champions).

For the most recent lists of our champion and candidate champion trees, please see Champion Trees List – Oct 2013 and Candidate Champion Trees List – Oct 2013

For the locations of our champion and candidate champion trees, please see our Map of Champion & Candidate Champion trees – Oct 2013, or look on our interactive map.

You can also purchase the Bute Park Family Tree Trail from one of our cafés. This will take you on a circular route around the park and show you 14 of our notable trees. It is specifically targeted at families with children, and will give you a fun and friendly insight into our collection. A champion tree leaflet is available from the Education Centre or you can download them here:

Bute Park Champion Tree Leaflet – South

Bute Park Champion Tree Leaflet North