Bute Park is used by many different groups of people. Please be considerate and ask yourself:

Are you respecting other users?

To help make the park a safe an enjoyable recreational space for all please follow the Code of Conduct below.

Cycling in Bute Park

Bute Park provides a fantastic ‘green’ route in to Cardiff city centre, taking cyclists away from traffic and through one of the most attractive areas of the capital. There is one designated shared cycle route, which crosses the park between Millennium Footbridge and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Cycling is permitted on this and non-designated routes on the understanding cyclists will ride responsibly and adhere to our site code of conduct.

Don’t speed Bute Park is a 5mph zone and this applies to all modes of transport. This speed limit is in place to protect park users and ensure visitors, including the very young, old, frail and disabled all have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Be considerate Pedestrians have priority over all other users in Bute Park, even in areas designated and marked for other purposes. Please be considerate of pedestrians when using our pathways, especially when passing.

When others are around we ask you to keep left, and overtake on the right. Following this rule helps other anticipate your behaviour.

Be seen and heard Using a bell and/or wearing high visibility clothing will help others be aware of your presence. Use British Standard approved lights in low visibility conditions and note that there is no street lighting within the park. Some park visitors may have a visual or hearing impairment so don’t always assume you’ve been seen or heard unless you are actually acknowledged by others.

Be politeThank other park visitors who allow you to overtake or pass them.

Be safe Please follow on-site safety and code of conduct advice. We recommend you wear British Standard approved protective equipment. Note that the park has a speed limit of 5 mph. Due to use by others, our pathways are not suitable for fast travel. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to use another route.

Look out for vehicles Due to day-to-day operations such as litter collection, grounds maintenance and deliveries, you may encounter some vehicles while in the park. Also note that traffic volumes will increase during events and improvement works so take extra care at these times. Vehicles should give way to you but please consider they may not have seen you.

Stay on track Please consider wildlife by keeping to designated paths. Bute Park has some important ground flora which will be damaged by ‘off-road’ cycling. For this reason, cycling is specifically restricted in some areas. Cardiff has a number of other places where off-road cycling is allowed if you wish to do this.


Bute Park offers a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the high street but hazards still exist. Please be aware of your surroundings so you can react accordingly. We would advise against wearing earphones if this takes away your ability to perceive danger.

Dogs in Bute Park

Dogs are welcome in Bute Park although there are some places where they should be kept on a lead. These are clearly indicated within the park and are ecologically sensitive sites, cafés and sports areas.

Your dog should always be under your control. This is to protect wildlife, other dogs and other park users. Please adhere to warning signs, which may be displayed during the bird nesting season.

Pick up after your dog. Dog waste should be placed in a tightly sealed bag and deposited in one of the general litter bins. As well as being anti-social, dog fouling alters the nutrient levels of soils and can affect the survival of rare flora and fauna.

Please consider the following:

  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog under control and to clean up after it: you are breaking the law if you do not!
  • Always keep your dog in sight.
  • Always keep the lead handy, you may need it.
  • Respect the dogs-on-leads areas.
  • Respect other users and the wildlife.

Picnics in Bute Park

You are welcome to picnic in Bute Park and picnicking is a popular activity especially during the busy summer months.

To help ensure all visitors enjoy their experience please do the following:

  • Put your litter in a bin – you could be fined for dropping litter as this is against the law.
  • Don’t damage our grass, benches or trees by putting disposable BBQs on them. The scorch marks this leaves is an act of vandalism against the park we hope you and others love to spend time in.
  • Make sure BBQs are fully extinguished before putting them in our bins to prevent fires.
  • Do not light open fires in Bute Park.

Driving in Bute Park

There are numerous vehicles that have to enter Bute Park to enable its day to day management and operation, but visitors can be assured that the park has a policy of  only allowing operational vehicles to enter and this is managed using a bollard control system at the vehicle entrance. Drivers who are permitted on to site also have to follow a code of conduct.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy your visit!