On the 2nd of December, Cardiff Story Museum opened its newest exhibition documenting the history of Bute Park.   The exhibition can be found in the basement of the Cardiff Story Museum, along with the vibrant sculptures “magical machines” of local artist Charles Byrd.

Visitors will find the history of Cardiff’s green heart chartered across the lifetime of one of the oldest trees found in Bute Park, dating back to 1885. The rings of the giant sweet chestnut tree, which fell in January 2017, mark the key historical events of Bute Park. More information and pictures are distributed on the walls surrounding the wooden centre piece.

The exhibition is the second part of “The Stories They Would Tell” project and follows the recent unveiling ceremony of the Tree Charter Pole at Bute Park in November. The project emphasises the importance of the trees by which we are surrounded and encourages us to listen to the trees more closely, in particular the stories which they would tell.

As part of the exhibition, visitors can share their own personal anecdotes about trees and the important role trees have played in their lives. Stories and memories of trees can be written down and shared, they will be added to the project’s book at the Bute Park Education Centre.

One visitor to the exhibition recalled a memory from his childhood “I remember the apple trees at the bottom of my grandfather’s garden. I used to climb them very often with my sister and my cousin. It made everything seem so easy.”

Behind the wooden centre piece, maps with beautiful Bute Park trails are available, both in English as well as Welsh. The Champion Tree Trails and maps are free. Visitors can take these trails to allow them to explore Bute Park, during their next visit, to its fullest extent.

The museum and its exhibitions are located in Cardiff city centre on The Hayes, close to Cardiff Central Market and St David’s Hall. The museum documents the history of Cardiff and how it developed into the vibrant capital it is known as today. Its first gallery opened in 2011 in the historic Old Library building with its astonishing tiled corridor.

The exhibition is open to all visitors between Saturday 2nd December 2017 and Sunday 25th February 2018, from 10am to 4pm.


Cardiff Story Museum, The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1BH

Published: 13 December 2017

By: Tirza Kreuwel