The Bute Park Education Centre opened in 2011, one of its main goals was to create a hub that would offer stimulating activities and encourage people of all ages to learn more about wildlife and Bute Park’s history.

The decision to offer courses and events that would be enjoyable and of interest to both young and old participants has become a success, with parents/carers and children regularly attending the family-friendly events.

Sessions are offered during school holidays and are aimed at children in primary school, aged 4-7. All sessions take between 1.5 to 2 hours and include a morning or afternoon session. Bute Park’s Education Officer Meriel Jones introduces the children to the session’s topic through engaging stories. After story-time, activities relating to the general theme of each session take place out in the park. The event finishes back inside, where children get to do arts and crafts, such as making collages and badges, which enable them to take a little reminder of the event back home.

For this feature, we decided to speak to one family who joined the free seed planting activity session “Pumpkin Stories” in the Easter break in 2017. After listening to the pumpkin stories and spending time outdoors, the family decorated cups together during the art and crafts session and planted pumpkins in the cups ready to take home to grow.

We wanted to find out what it is that they enjoy about Bute Park so much and the activities that encourage them to keep coming back. Mum Victoria highlighted this was the first time the family had grown pumpkins. The decision to attend this class and many events to follow was because it allowed the children to get out of the house and experience something new and engaging.

Whilst the session on growing pumpkins was fun, it became even better when the pumpkins grew and had the perfect shape and size by Halloween. Although the family had carved pumpkins before, this was the first time they got to carve pumpkins they had actually grown. It does make such an activity all the more special and fun!

The family also joined the Tree Charter Walk in November, as well The River Taff Shuffle in the summer holidays, “this was probably the children’s favourite event so far as they loved being by the river all afternoon. It is lovely to be outside and encounter the beauty of the park, especially since we have been so lucky with the weather” explained Victoria.

Bute Park offers various educational sessions and events for anyone to join. If you fancy trying something new, are looking for something to do with the family or just want to embrace the Park’s beauty, why not check out some of the events or sessions the Education Centre offers? For further information see our Outdoor and Events Calendar or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Information regarding our next free events during the school holidays can be found on the website and park notice boards. The next free activity session will be held during February half-term, on Tuesday the 20th and Thursday the 22nd of February. Are you interested? Book tickets here:


Date: 01 February 2017

By: Tirza Kreuwel