The Bute Park Management Team conduct a user survey every year to monitor our performance and your satisfaction with the park.  Tell us what you think, use this link

In 2016, a number of common themes emerged:

Broadly speaking, people were very satisfied with the park and expressed how valuable the site was to them. Its large size, natural features and city centre location were particularly prized. The park received a 79% satisfaction rate based on 273 responses.

Issues with people not following the code of conduct was highlighted as a main reason preventing people from fully enjoying the site (inconsiderate cyclists and out of control dogs were referenced the most for causing issues), along with a lack of public toilets and a desire for more lighting. A large number of people said there was nothing that prevented their enjoyment of the site.

There are no plans for building additional toilet facilities in the park at this time, but existing facilities are identified on map boards at all park entrances.

Some people questioned why public toilets were not available at the Summerhouse Café. This is because it was too far away from the city’s existing sewerage network and the site could not accommodate a large enough on-site treatment plant because of the proximity of trees, flower beds and paths. The treatment tank installed only accommodates disabled and staff use. Higher usage would result in ground pollution. We understand this is a source of frustration but unfortunately there was no feasible alternative available.

There are no plans to introduce additional lighting within Bute Park or keep it open after sunset. The current policy is to retain it as a natural space. Lit cycle paths are located around the park’s boundaries and the Council is focussing resources on improving these.

In response to specific user feedback in 2016 the following actions were taken:

1. Additional code of conduct signage was installed at either end of the cycle route that crosses Bute Park between the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and the Millennium Footbridge.

2. A dog awareness day was held in the park. This was attended by the Park Rangers, Cardiff Dogs Home and the Dogs Trust. Responsible dog ownership and effective dog control in crowed public spaces was promoted. Free dog health checks and dog snacks were also offered. The event was well received and will be repeated in the future.

3. More information on the park’s tree collections was produced. People can now pick up a free leaflet (e.g. from the Education Centre) and go on a self-guided tour of the park’s Champion Tree collection.

4. Pot holes were repaired along paths.

5. Campaigns were run on social media to promote responsible BBQ use with an aim of preventing burn risk, bin fires and grass scorching

6. New road stamps promoting a ‘share with care’ message will be introduced to all park entrances in 2017 in an attempt to improve people’s consideration of others when sharing the paths.

We are grateful for people’s views in 2017, which will help shape future development of Bute Park.

Tell us what you think, use this link

This survey will close on Sunday 5th November 2017