Natural Resources Wales 2018 Acorn Antics Campaign: We are launching our Acorn Antics campaign today, asking education and learning groups to get outside and collect acorns.   The Acorn Antics project, which takes place each year, helps us plant more trees which have been grown from local seeds. It also gives young people the opportunity to learn about and connect with, the natural environment in Wales.


The 2017 campaign saw 39 education groups take part with 1,208.6 kg. of pedunculate and sessile acorns collected from 76 different locations across Wales.  A fantastic result which couldn’t have been achieved without support from yourselves.


This year, we will pay up to £4.40 per kilogram depending on the quality of the acorns.  Once collected, the acorns will be sent to the Forestry Commission nursery in Cheshire to be grown onto to saplings.  They will return to Wales to be planted in woodlands and forests close to where the they were picked as acorns.


We have doubled our efforts this year by developing a range of educational activities to help enthuse and teach children about the environment while they are collecting acorns.  From how a tree works to seed dispersal, check out our webpages for trees and woodland related activities and games.


We ask for your help and support


To support the campaign, we ask you if possible to:


  • Give permission to local education and learning groups to visit your land and collect acorns
  • Support the Acorn Antics campaign by sharing/liking our posts on social media –  #acornantics @NatResWales
  • Share this email with any education groups you work with or point them to the acorn antics webpage


Who’s eligible to take part?


Formal and informal education groups with a teacher/leader to learner relationship or groups fundraising for education groups can take part in the Acorn Antics campaign.  Whilst we welcome community groups, charities and individuals to work in collaboration with an education group and collect acorns, funds will only be paid to education groups.


Groups wishing to take part are asked to email to register their interest and receive a registration pack before organising a collection.  The acorns need to be dropped off between 1 October and 19 October 2018.


We hope you will be able to support the 2018 Acorn Antics campaign, please contact us if you would like some further information.


Kind regards,


Education Learning and Skills

Natural Resources Wales