Are you looking to put a spring into your step? Bute Park is at the centre of many charity walks and runs, which take place in Cardiff. Looking for reasons to join or come to watch? Here’s our top five reasons to join in!

Health Benefits

It is common knowledge that walking and running, especially outdoors, come with many health benefits, both to your physical as well as your mental health. We all have heard that it is good for our heart and strengthens our joints, but did you know that running also releases endorphins and feel-good chemicals? It is known to be a great way of having some me-time to get away from the stress of every-day life. Grab your trainers and jog the winter blues!

Make it Social

Exercise doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. More and more families choose to walk together and explore the outdoors. Exercise has become a sociable experience which people enjoy sharing with one another and many of the runs and walks organised in Bute Park are suitable for everyone, making them an ideal family experience or one to be shared with friends or colleagues. More and more of these events include obstacle courses or have a theme. There is even a dog walk or two!

Support Great Causes

Fancy raising money during your walk and be part of a bigger picture? Then supporting a great cause during one of our events might be what you are looking for. The Kidney Wales’ Walk for Life is one of the charity’s longest running events and is one of the most successful events. Anyone can support the charity and join Kidney Wales at the end of April. Other runs and walks include: Race 4 Life, raising money for Cancer Research, the Ty Hafan Bubble Rush and the Memory Walk supporting people who suffer from Dementia.

Embrace a Challenge and Try Something New

Set yourself new goals this spring by joining a relay, a 5k or a 10k run. Bute Park is one of the largest urban parks in Wales and with its historic landscape, its mature parkland and beautiful tree collections it is an ideal location to get into running and enjoy the outdoors. Embrace a challenge and enjoy the feeling of fulfilment by signing up to one of these walks. For the more competitive out there, why not enter Corporate Challenge with colleagues?

 Have Fun

This one is simple – exercise can be fun. It is something anyone can join in with without having much experience. Obstacle courses such as the Ty Hafan Bubble Rush, Gung- Ho! or Pretty Muddy are bound to make you laugh and create some great memories with friends or family.

Interested? Here are some of the runs available in Bute Park with their dates and links to sign up:


Kidney Wales Walk 29/04/2018
Gung-Ho! 05/05/2018
Women’s Running 20/05/2018
SSAFA 23/05/2018 20/06/2018 25/07/2018
Guide Dog Run 03/06/2018
Big Walkies (Dog Walk) 10/06/2018
Castle Relay 10/06/2018
Ty Hafan Bubble Rush 16/06/2018
Corporate Challenge 12/07/2018
Race 4 Life 15/07/2018
Memory Walk 01/09/2018
Pretty Muddy 08/09/2018
Poppy Run 28/10/2018