40 new trees added to the nationally significant tree collection in Bute Park Arboretum.

Every year the council purchases new trees to maintain and enhance the park’s important tree collection. The council’s budget for this work may be supplemented by grant-funding and private donations.

This year a significant donation has been made by one private donor.  Speaking about their decision to support the arboretum, they said: “I am a regular visitor to Bute Park and the woodland and arboretum areas have given me pleasure over many years.   As a thank you, I decided to fund the purchase of some new and replacement trees, so both I and others can have the pleasure of watching them grow for years to come.”

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Bob Derbyshire, said: “Investing in the Bute Park arboretum is one of the ways we’re supporting the aims of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. The generous private donations we receive show just how important Bute Park is to the people of Cardiff and thanks to the support of individuals like this donor, alongside our annual investment, the fantastic tree collection will continue to bring pleasure to current and future generations.”

An additional contribution to this year’s planting has been made by RSPB Cymru’s Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff project, in partnership with the City of Cardiff Council, which helps thousands of children and families in Cardiff get closer to nature. The planting is designed to offset the carbon footprint of last summer’s popular virtual reality experience, ‘In the Eyes of the Animal, in partnership with arts organisation, Migrations.

Bute Park has the highest number of champion trees in any public park in the UK. Champion trees are exceptional examples of their species because they are either the tallest or broadest specimen in the British Isle.