Tirza is one of Bute Park’s student volunteers and works at the front-desk and assists our centre in the communication department. Have you read any recent social media posts or news pieces on the website? Most likely it was written either by Jenny, our Communications and Events Officer, or Tirza.

What attracted you to volunteering at Bute Park?

I am currently a postgraduate student and was looking for extra experience related to my degree at Cardiff University, I saw an Insight experience advertised for a Communications Assistant. The park itself appealed to me because it is one of my favourite spots in Cardiff and I enjoy going there. I wanted to learn more about it and thought that volunteering would be a good way of doing that.

How did you hear about the volunteering position?

I was looking at internships to gain more experience in the communications sector and one of the ones offered was by Bute Park Education Centre. The university advertised it as one of their schemes and it was a placement that could be done on a weekly basis alongside my postgraduate degree.

What does it involve?                              

I’ve done a variety of different things since I started in November 2017. I have written news articles for the website and participated in events to get a broader understanding of Bute Park Education Centre and all that it offers. I have contacted visitors for comments on past events too to give articles a personal touch.  I also help to update the social media accounts and I publish the news articles I write on the Bute Park website. I also work on the front-of-house, where I welcome visitors to the centre and provide them with information, answer questions if needed or sell some of the lovely plants available.

How often do you volunteer?

I volunteer once a week and sometimes, when there is an event such as the unveiling of the Tree Charter Pole, on weekends too. I’m keen to attend events and activities in the park when I can as this generates content for the articles I write.

What is your favourite thing volunteering with us?

I feel like I have become a lot more aware of all the things that Bute Park has to offer and have become a bigger part of the Cardiff community. I really like the atmosphere at the Education Centre and the people who work there everyone is so friendly. I think you could say that I have come out of my student bubble and that has been really nice. From a professional perspective, I have gained a lot of practice and experience which has been very worthwhile.