Events are held in Bute Park throughout the year and vary from small gatherings of community groups, fun runs and charity walks, to major civic events like Armed Forces Day and Sparks in the Park.

There are a number of distinct event spaces for hire, each suited to different types and size of events.

To help prospective event organisers choose the venue most suitable for them, and so people understand the procedures around holding events in Cardiff parks and open spaces, Cardiff Council has put together a comprehensive manual containing all you need to know.

The manual and appendices can be downloaded from this site.

You will also find a copy of the application form that you must complete and return to register your proposal.

If your event is proposed to be held within Bute Park or Sophia Gardens, complete and return your application to

If your event is proposed to be held in another Cardiff park or open space return your application form to


Document links


CCC Parks Guidance Manual for Event Organisers – Oct 2017

Indemnity Form 2019


General Event Planning Documents


Appendix A2 – Event Risk Assessment Template

Appendix A3 – Guidance Notes for Risk Assessments


Event Information and Codes of Conduct and Management Documents

Appendix C1 – Code of conduct for drivers in Cardiff parks

Appendix C2 – Code of conduct for event traffic marshals

Appendix C3 – Care of trees in Cardiff parks

Appendix C4 – Care of ground in Cardiff parks

Appendix C5 – Access to Bute Park and Blackweir Playing Fields

Appendix V1c – Bute Park Bollard Control Guidance for Event Traffic

Appendix V1d – Bute Park Temp Event Staff Parking Area

Park locking 2019


Appendix V1g – Bute Park Event Mode Signage – April 2017

Appendix V1j – Hire of Bute Park Heras Banners

Appendix D1 – Event Site Handover Handback Form

Appendix D2 – Event Site Power and Water Readings Form

Appendix E1 – Bute Park Temporary Event Banner Locations & Guidelines

Appendix E2 – Public Notice for Events Template

Appendix A4 – Operational Plan Template 2019

Outdoor Catering Checklist

Venue Site Information


Appendix V1h – Bute Park Premises License Conditions 01214

Appendix C5 – Access to Bute Park and Blackweir Playing Fields

Appendix V1l – Bute Park Site Induction Slides – for web

  • Coopers Field

Appendix V1a – Coopers Field site info 2018

Appendix V1b – Coopers Field Event Constraints (2015)

Appendix V1k – Construction Phase Plan TEMPLATE COOPERS FIELD

  • Orchard Lawn

Appendix V3a – Secret Garden Café Orchard Lawn site info

Appendix V3b – Access to Orchard Lawn and Education Centre

Appendix V3c – BPEC Leaflet Eng and Welsh A5 – Mar 2014

Appendix C5 – Access to Bute Park and Blackweir Playing Fields

  • Blackweir Fields

Appendix V4a – Construction Phase Plan TEMPLATE BLACKWEIR

Appendix C5 – Access to Bute Park and Blackweir Playing Fields



Appendix V2a – Sophia Gardens Event Area site info

Appendix V2b – Sophia Gardens Premises Licence Conditions 01095

Appendix-v2c(i)-Sophia-Gardens-Electrical-Test-Report-Expires-May-2019 : Sophia Gardens Events FP EICR 2019


Appendix V2d – Sophia Gardens Construction Phase Plan TEMPLATE

Appendix V2e – Sophia Gardens Site Induction Slides – for web


Fire Risk Assessment (information and templates)

FRA guide

FRA – template

Fire Risk Assessment – Traders and Market Stalls

Fire Risk Assessment – Food Concessions

A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor – Version 2 published 29th April 2014